Reflection: seventh grade

When I got to seventh grade I was expecting a lot to change. I thought that I would get buried with homework and I would have terrible grades. It was the complete opposite. It was pretty easy. My classes were fun, I didn’t get much homework. I had a mind set that it would be the exact opposite of sixth grade and, to be honest I enjoyed seventh grade more than sixth.

Some of my classes a rarely ever have homework. Others I have homework every night but it’s never that much. In fact, I usually finish my homework in class! Teachers don’t even give homework over the weekend that much. I know in sixth grade I had more homework over the weekend than in seventh grade.

We also got to go to more school dances. Now, school dances aren’t my favorite but it was always fun to hang out with my friends there. Also dances are a great place to eat candy.

All in all seventh grade was a good year. It was fun… If you take away the learning and homework.

Chances for Leadership

Being a leader is important to me so I jump at any chance I get to be a leader. It is important to me to tell others of the unjust laws against gay marriage. Now, I know a lot of people are against it but I try really hard to convince them that people in the LGBT community aren’t bad, or scary or any different then everyone else. Sure I’m not speaking about this on the news or something but I do have many rants on the school bus and I have showed a few people that it’s not bad. I just wish I could do more.

Being a leader is important to me because it could gain rights for everyone. It’s one step closer to equality in humanity. There are other people like me. If you try hard enough you can be a great leader, you might even become the president (if that is your dream or something) sometimes we need a leader to teach us about the world. We need a leader who we can rely on and know they always have our backs. We need leaders who dint care so much about power for themselves but power to everybody. We need a leader who doesn’t look at us like bugs they can squash under there expensive shoes. We need a leader who loves both their friends and their enemies. We need a leader who cares about everyone.

My favorite poem

A hippo sandwich is easy to make all you do is simply take.
One slice of break,
One slice of cake,
Some mayonnaise,
One onion ring,
One hippopotamus,
One piece of string,
A dash of pepper–
That ought to do it.
And now comes the problem…
Blighting into it
– Shel Silverstein

The reason I chose this poem is that in 5th grade we had to memorize a poem for English class and recite it. I chose this poem and this year my little sister chose the same poem. It’s a funny poem and I love it.


When I was little I had a stuffed bunny. His name- like most children’s toys- was the same as what animal he was. His name was bunny, so I’m guessing you could figure out what animal he was. He had a green body and pink paws. He had long pink floppy ear and a little pink tale.

When I was little I used to hide him in different places when we went out somewhere. I claimed ‘I will remember he’s here!’ But every time I forgot he was there. I would burst into tears and my whole family would search the house for my bunny. When we found him I would be so grateful and go straight to playing with him.

He still is my favorite stuffed animal. He always had been. If I didn’t have him as a child my life would be different. My family wouldn’t have funny stories about me and my bunny. I wouldn’t have the same childhood memories. He was my best friend when none of my friends could come to my house. He showed me the escape from boredom. He will aways be my favorite toy. I love my bunny.


Come visit Texas!

Howdy! Texas is a great place to visit. Sure the stereotype makes it seem like an old farm town but it is actually a really fun place to visit.

In Texas there are many fun places to visit. One reason is that we have the bluebell factory! If you don’t know, bluebell is an ice cream factory. In the bluebell factory you can go on a tour and see how all the different treats are made. At the end of the tour you get to have ice cream! You get to ask questions and you find out how this absolutely delicious ice cream is made. I went last summer and I got the best ice cream ever! The bluebell factory is fun to visit but there are still more fun things to do when visiting Texas.

Another reason is the beach. Other states have beaches but the beaches in Texas are very nice. There are many different places to go to the beach. The sand is nice the water is not too cold and crab hunting is great. I personally like going to south padre island the most. There are a lot more places to go to in Texas and if you visited you would know!

Come on down to Texas! It’s a great place to visit. You’re sure to have a blast here.

Explain why Equality is Important

There isn’t liberty and justice for all. Equality is very important, yet most countries aren’t equal.
There should be equal rights all over the world. People are still racist. They put people from other ethnic background under stereotypes. Yes I am what everyone calls “white” but I’m not obsessed with Nutella and Starbucks. There are a lot of people who make racist jokes and think their race is superior.
Also, there are homophobic people. Equal marriage rights is a big problem in the u.s. People protest for equal marriage in the state they live in. I would love if equal marriage was allowed, but there are many people who are disgusted by people who love the same gender.
There will always be people who think they are superior. But equality is important. So maybe one day the pledge of allegiance will speak the truth. Maybe one day, there will be liberty and justice for all.

Internet friends

I have internet friends.

Yes I know the internet is dangerous but I think most people over react about it. I mean one of my best friends lives in Norway (I did meet her on the internet but still). There are creeps out there but there are also real people who are funny and sweet. Sometimes we get to meet each other (I’ve never met any of my internet friends but I hope I can)

Some people aren’t the nicest.

Some people I have met on the internet aren’t the kindest. Some people hate all my opinions and they try to change my mind about everything I believe in. These people I tend to avoid and I don’t talk to them much. (That’s really all I have to say about those people)

There are really annoying people.

Theses kind of people never shut up and they constantly ask the same questions and make nicknames for you. They also get upset really easily so if you try to tell then that they are being annoying they will get really upset and hate you (which at that point I’m fine with because they are really annoying).

So that’s the low-down on internet friends. I hope this helped some people!


I’m obsessed.

With some tv shows that is. You see while most of my family watches Americas Next Top Model or House Hunters. I watch supernatural, doctor who, Sherlock and sword art online. But I don’t simply watch it, I obsess over it. Now this doesn’t mean just talking about it a few times, it means putting references to certain shows as many times as I can while talking. I also read fanfiction, this is when someone writes something basted off of a tv show, book, movie, musical, ect.

And then there’s shipping.

Shipping is when you take two characters from a tv show, book, movie, musical, ect. (You get the idea) and you…. (Let me explain the easiest way I can) you force them into a relationship that will most likely never actually happen. There are shipping wars within different fandoms a lot too. Shipping wars happen when someone ships…. Let’s say….. Destiel (this is a ship name from the tv show supernatural) and someone else ships megstiel. (also a ship name from supernatural) Now these people could possibly get in a fight and say their ship is better. They will also give reasons why their ship is better. Shipping wars aren’t the most fun to get into.

You’ve heard me mention fandoms.

Fandoms are… Well… It’s basically a group of people (it’s a very large group most of the time) who all obsess over the same thing. Most people in fandoms have social media apps. The two most common are tumblr and Instagram. On social media people in fandoms are able to connect with other people in the same fandom and obsess together.

Well that’s the small part of it! If I try to go too in depth with fandoms and shipping and shush it will just become a big, confusing mess!


It spreads through the halls like a wildfire. One friend after the other. The whispers start with one and slowly it grows into a monster of who said what about someone. Although most people think only their one friend knows, that friend will tell others at sleepovers, in the hallways, at lunch, on the phone or over text.

This is the same way rumors get started. One person is (most likely) mad at another and wants to make their life miserable. So they go to a friend and make up something like so and so is using you to go on a trip to the Bahamas.

Who knows.

But what we have to remember is that we are saying awful things about people we have probably known for years. No one wants their best friend saying that they are the worst person to be friends with (am I right?) and no one wants fake things to be made up about them.

Gossip tears friendships apart. Friendships that were once said to never end have ended. All because of that one rumor. Or one secret spilled. I think we all speak from experience. So take my advice. So that your friendship may last a lifetime. So you won’t have something crazy made up about you. Take my advice.


I am from poem

I am from…

I am from the kitchen

From iPhones and food

I am from the family meals and pumpkin spice

I am from the wildflowers

The oak trees that I climbed

I’m from family Christmas’s and the internet

From mom and dad

I’m from movie nights and board games

And from singing

I’m from butt-snakes and

And ring around the rosy

I’m from thanksgiving dinner

I’m from Tulsa and Ireland

Lasagna and pizza

From my cousin hunting hogs and killing two with one bullet

Family pictures on my walls

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